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Property Sourcing For Investors

We have been dealing as Landlords within the residential letting market for nearly 40 years.  We started buying and renting out residential properties long before the popular term "Buy to Let" became fashionable.  However the principles have never changed, basically Investors buy a property, rent it out and take a monthly profit over the period that they own the property. They then sell the property taking a capital gain on the sale. The time that they buy, the time that they hold and the time that they sell a property are all important to the success of the return on their investment.  Investment in property should always be looked at as long term.


This all sounds very simple, but to be successful, Landlords need to buy their properties carefully taking into account, their location, condition, and rentability.  If Landlords move up from their first property to a portfolio of properties it is crucial that they balance their portfolio with great care to ensure a steady return on their money invested.


With our 40 years' experience we believe we have proved our ability to navigate our way around the peaks and troughs that occur in the property market from time to time.  We now regularly act for both small and large investors in sourcing their properties for them and in advising them, where asked, in building up their property portfolio.


If you are new to the Buy to Let market, or are already a property investor and you want some help on sourcing properties at very realistic prices, please contact us to make an appointment to come into our office to discuss your needs so that you can then decide whether or not our service can be of assistance to you.


All our discussions with you will be in complete confidence and on a non obligation basis.


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